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Sign up by Friday 30th June 2017 to get the July Box

You will always get much more than £30.00 of equipment in each box!

Below is a list of what has been in some of our previous boxes to give you an idea of what to expect. Each box will be different and a nice suprise when it arrives!



February 2017 - 2 x Wilson US Open 4 Ball Tubes, 1 Pair Asics Technical Socks, 1 x Wilson Emotisorb, 1 x Yonex Poly Tour Pro String, 1 x Karakal PU Duo Grip, 1 x 3 Pack RS Overgrips.

March 2017 - 2 x Robin Soderling Black Edition 4 ball tubes, 1 x Luxilon Savage String, 1 x 3 Pack Wilson Overgrips, 1 x Yonex Training Shirt.

April 2017 - 2 x Wilson US Open 4 Ball Tubes, 1 x Karakal PU Grip, 1 x Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrips, 1 x HEAD shoe bag, 1 x Karakal X-Rip Socks.

May 2017 - 2 x Head ATP Tour 4 Ball Metal Tubes, 1 x Set Head Hawk Touch String, 2 x Wilson Vibration Dampeners, 2 x Yumpa Cricket Flour Protein Bars.



February 2017 - 1 Pair Victor Indoor Explosion Socks, Yonex Sports Bottle, Yonex Training Shirt, 2 x Yonex Towel Grips, 1 x Yonex Grip Powder. Total Retail value = £35.46!!

March 2017 - 1 Tube Victor Champion No1 Feather Shuttlecocks, 1 x 3 pack RS Overgrips, 1 x Yonex Training Shirt, 1 x Shuttle Key Chain.

April 2017 - 4 x Victor Fishbone Grips, 1 x Yonex Aerobite String Set, 1 x Victor Hand Towel, 1 x Yumpa Protein Bar



February 2017 - 5 x Dunlop Pro Squash Ball, 1 x Set Tecnifibre 305, 1 x Asics Technical Socks, Yonex Sports Bottle, Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Grip. Total Retail value £34.48!!

March 2017 - 2 x 2 Pack Tecnifibre Squash Balls, 1 x Karakal Pro Tour Shirt, 1 x 3 Pack RS Overgrips.

April 2017 - 6 x Wilson Staff Squash Balls, 1 x Luxilon Pro Shot Rough String set, 1 x Salming Training shirt.

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